The ecomate® Advantage


Products manufactured with ecomate® blowing agent and foam systems have built-in environmental benefits that can give them a competitive edge – an edge we call “the ecomate® advantage.”

Ecomate® can improve the quality and consumer appeal of virtually any product in which it is used, due to its combination of excellent physical properties and valuable environmental benefits. These advantages can help differentiate a company’s products from those of its competitors, and can be used successfully in advertising, marketing and sales efforts.

Research shows that when all other factors like quality and price are equal, people prefer to buy products that are environmentally friendly over those that are not. In fact, many people are willing to spend more for “green” products. So it makes sense to leverage the strengths of ecomate®, making sure potential customers know the benefits it brings to the products they are considering purchasing.

To help our customers who use ecomate® differentiate their products – and increase their sales – we’ve created a website that makes it easy to promote the use of environmentally friendly ecomate® in product marketing. To gain access to the site, ecomate® customers can contact their Foam Supplies Account Manager.