EPA Compliance

As everyone involved in the use of polyurethane foam is aware, the U.S. EPA has announced the phase out of several common HFC blowing agents, including 134a and 245fa, due to their significant global warming potential. Due to the July 2015 ruling, a number of industries must stop the use of HFC blowing agents by January 1, 2017, while most others have until January 1, 2020.

Fortunately, ecomate® is already approved by the EPA to replace all HFCs in all foam blowing end uses. That means companies facing the 2017 deadline can rest assured that a proven replacement is available now, so they do not need to experience any disruption in their production.

Manufacturers only affected by the 2020 deadline have two choices: continue to use HFCs with high global warming potential, or do the right thing for the environment now. It is simply unnecessary to continue to harm the environment with HFCs when a proven, effective alternative like ecomate® is readily available and cost-competitive.